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My heart is so tired
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dont you hate it when isabelle mayor-zones you





the only girls that look cute with short hair:

  • all of them
  • every single one of them
  • literally everyone

the only girls that look cute with long hair:

  • all of them
  • every single one of them
  • literally everyone

The only girls that look cute:

  • all of them
  • every single one of them
  • literally everyone

Glad we settled this

I am so thirsty for emotional and physical intimacy with someone 

I want to nuzzle their neck and lay entwined on my bed and lazily kiss their lips and make them food and get to know every single curve and contour they have 

I want to touch someone with my finger tips and make them feel loved 



Alright folks, Nasus mun here. I’m here to point out a few things that I and others have noticed about Azir.

If you look closely, you can see that part of Azir’s armor/outfit looks similar to Ancient Coin.


Now let’s look at Ancient Coin


"Gold dust rises from the desert and clings to the coin."

Where is Azir from? Shurima. What is the current state of Shurima? A desert. The Ancient Coin was a Shuriman artifact. They look similar due to both being Shuriman.

People also noticed that Azir’s passive, Shurmia’s Legacy, looks quite similar to Talisman of Ascension.


Well, since Talisman is the completed item of Ancient Coin, it’s safe to say that Talisman is also a Shuriman artifact. Shurima’s Legacy allows Azir to resurrect a turret for a while. The turret Azir summons is a Shuriman design which is why it looks similar, but let’s take a look at Talisman of Ascension.


"Praise the sun."

Huh.. It does look like a sun. So does Azir’s passive. If you look at Azir’s splash, the sun is quite ominous in the background. Also, a talisman is an stone that has magic powers and brings good luck. Just thought I’d add that in there.

Why the sun though?

Azir is based on of the Egyptian god Ra, the god of the sun and radiance.


As well as the Egyptian god Horus, the god of vengence, sky,protection, and war.


Where’s the sun? The sky. What does Azir summon? Sand Soldiers that can be used to fight in a war.

Wikipedia also states that Ra and Horus became one.


If you noticed on the Talisman of Ascension picture, I underlined ‘Ascension’. Why? Well..


He states he’s an ascended being since he is an emperor, which were often classified as divine.

Well, I’m done showing you things I noticed. Most were obvious, but I just wanted to point them out. I also wanted to make a post about Azir since he’s a tad similar to Nasus and Renekton, which are my favorite champions.


Hey look, it’s the sun!

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Oh very cute


So, who else is excited for this asshole? 

Alessa’s Otherworld



Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas


the pictures you could take in this place would be amazing

Find someone that makes you laugh as hard as they make you cum
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